Just Built Better!

For more than 16 years, Palmer has led the industry in the evolution of snowboard design. Although more expensive than others - Titanium inlays, Honeycomb Core constructions, FLF Mini Rocker and Klothoid sidecuts, high end  woodcores, Cap Sidewall and prepreg laminate constructions produce the most durable and warranty-free boards on the market - guaranteed quality built in Europe!

Honeycomb 5

Sports Car performance with the Cadillac ride, the first full length "Honeycomb" returns for its 14th year and the newest FLF shape continues its legacy as the lightest highest performance board on the market. It wins awards and this year we've returned to a look-through topsheet which we pioneered in 2001. Less weight and more fun with honeycomb and FLF.

Only the Best will do
Up to fifty-six different parts make up a single Palmer Snowboard, and each part is made of the highest grade, carefully inspected material available.


Palmer is one of a handful of snowboard companies to use Prepreg, or pre-impregnated fibers, in its snowboards. This computer-controlled process impregnates fiber fabrics (glass or carbon, for instance) with epoxy resin, eliminating the irregular hand application of liquid resin at the press itself. The result is the highest strength-to-weight ratio and the quickest, cleanest power transmission - and why the aircraft and space industries use Prepreg!


More than 100 layers of the world's finest woods make up Palmer's woodcores. Swiss made, these vertically laminated wood cores provide even, consistent and long lasting flex patterns. The cores are tailored to each board's specifications using state-of-the-art computer machinery.

Honeycomb, Carbon and Titanium

You won't find finer materials on the market. All offer the highest strength and the lowest weight, not to mention dynamic performance, stability, speed and durability.

All That and ECO too!

The Palmer Snowboard factory and assembly process was designed to minimize waste of raw material and produce the lowest amount of pollution. Less than 1 percent of the prepreg process uses solvents, topsheets are made without solvents, bases use inlays to reduce silk screening colors, and ultrasonic technology maximizes the use of raw materials.

The bottom line? Only the best!

Palmer Snowboard's philosophy is uncompromising: to build the highest performance, highest quality and most innovative boards available. Quality has our highest priority from the first stage of development at the drawing board to the very last, when a board is in the customer's hands.