The Freeflex Pro system allows the heel to glide freely so that the ski can bend through unhindered and retains its natural dynamics. Additionally, all freeflex bindings come with the special Pro Heel with reduced stand height.

Pro Heel
An increased contact area reduces friction and provides constant forward pressure in all skiing situations.

Heel Track

The heel track made of micro alloyed steel is now directly mounted on the ski. Moreover, we increased the height of about 1mm and the width of approximately 8mm. The benefits are more stability and better force transmission.

Diagonal Toe
Due to its higher release force vertically to horizontally, it holds up to the high backward lean forces.

+ Height 19 mm + DIN 5 - 15 + Aero Toe with TRP System + Race Diagonal + ABS - Anti Blocking System + Freeflex Pro + Pro Heel + Dura-Coating


Same description as the Pro 15 except the the Freeflex Pro 11 is the lighter model, with the Lite Heel and taller stand height.

+ Height 21 mm + DIN 3 - 11 + SL Toe with TRP System + Full Diagonal + ABS - Anti Blocking System + Freeflex Pro + Lite Heel + Dura-Coating


The special method of construction of Tyrolia® plates provides torsional strength and allows free flexing dynamics for a stronger edge grip. Shock absorbing elements provide the ski with amazing stability. The Shock Absorber takes quick consecutive shocks easily. A base height of 13 mm ensures perfect edge hold even in the most tilted positions.

+ Height 13 mm + Sole length 261 – 351 mm + Shock Absorber + Two-piece Flexsystem supports Freeflex + Increased torsional stability, control, and edge grip + Oblong holes maintain ski flexibility + Super Light

TYROLIA LD 12 (LD – Light Diagonal)

The Light Diagonal binding for experienced skiers is the lightest Diagonal binding that has ever been available on the market. Above all, it still provides high levels of safety and performance.

The Light Diagonal Heel provides maximum safety with a 150° release. This, pressure on knee and ligaments upon twisting forward falls and the risk of injury are reduced.

The TYROLIA Roller Pincer System (TRP System) of the TYROLIA bindings with its four rollers and gliding inserts ensure a 180° release and exact centering of the ski boot. The TRP System reduces the load on knees and ligaments and improves performance considerably.

+ Height 21 mm + DIN 3.5 - 12 + Light Diagonal (LD) Toe with TRP System + Full Diagonal + Light Diagonal (LD) Heel + Dura-Coating